Important Dates for the 2017 Season
(Posted on April 4, 2017)

  • Umpire Clinic - Saturday April 8, 9am - 4:30pm @ Lions Club Hall (Registration starts @ 8am)
  • Coaching Clinic (House League) - Saturday April 22, 9am - 11am @ Lions Club Hall
  • Season Opener (House League) - Saturday May 13 **
  • Royal & Orange Baseball Tournament (Mosquito) - Friday May 19 to Sunday May 21
  • Royal & Orange Baseball Tournament (Peewee) - Friday May 26 to Sunday May 28
  • Photo Day (House League) - Saturday June 3
  • Champ Day (House League) - Saturday August 12

**  Season Opener Date is for T-Ball.  Season opens for the Grasshopper, Tyke, Rookie, Mosquito, and Peewee divisions the following week.  Season opener for Bantam and Midget are pending scheduling by BOMBA (Burlington Organized Minor Baseball Association).

 2017 House League Registration Is Now Closed!

(Posted on April 1, 2017)

Thank you all for your interest in playing baseball with BASEBALLMILTON this year.  We are looking forward to the start of season in May and along with it the warm weather.  As predicted, we were bursting at the seams and our registration cycle this year was the most challenging yet.  

We've received a lot of feedback and are aware of the opportunities for improvements going forward.   While some of the opportunities around communcations and registration will be addressed by the volunteers within our organization in the coming year, there are other opportunities in which we are hoping that you, the parents of our players, are willing to get involved in.

The two biggest limiting factors as far as size of our House League is the number of coaching volunteers and the number of available diamonds. A number of you have helped with the former by stepping up to coach our teams.  Thank you!  There are a couple of divisions that are still light on coaching and we hope to address this matter in the next month.  

The next big opportunity is to begin addressing our situation with available diamonds.  We will be outlining a plan to begin lobbying for more diamonds to be built in town over the next few years to help support our growth.  We will need your help with this effort.  Please stay tuned.  In the meantime, please check out this article below.  Clearly our situation is not unique and while the popularity of baseball has had its ups and downs over the years, hopefully, it is here to stay!

Sportsnet Article: Amateur baseball booming in Canada, but some kids are left behind

House League Game Day Information
(Posted on March 12, 2017, Update on April 20, 2017)

Our game day and venue assignments have now been confirmed with the town and the details are listed below.  Please note that as we get closer to the start of the season, these details may be subject to change.

Jr. T-Ball Saturdays Rotary Park
Sr. T-Ball Saturdays Rotary Park
Grasshopper Mondays, Tuesdays Brian Best 2, EW Foster, WI Dick
Tyke Mondays, Tuesdays Rotary Park
Rookie Wednesdays, Thursdays Rotary Park, Brookville
Mosquito Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Beaty, EW Foster, Brookville
Peewee Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Maplehurst, Lions 3, Drumquin, Brookville
Bantam Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays TBD
Midget Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays TBD


IMPORTANT: House League Registration Update
(Posted on March 6, 2017, Updated on March 12, 2017)

Thank you again for your interest and continued patience. The task of managing this year’s registration volume has proven to be more challenging than ever. But we, the BASEBALLMILTON Board of Directors, have remained committed to ensuring that we accommodate as many players as possible. We have implemented a number of key initiatives to facilitate expansion beyond our numbers of last year but have ultimately hit a hard cap based on the number of diamonds available.

With a number of registrants still on waitlists in a number of our divisions, BASEBALLMILTON has decided to take on a fairly significant measure to clear as much of these waitlists as possible. For the 2017 House League season, we will be partnering with the Brookville Baseball Association. What this means is that our Sr. T-Ball, Tyke, and Peewee divisions will include one Brookville team and our Rookie and Mosquito divisions will include two Brookville teams. In exchange, we gain access to Brookville diamonds and as a result, are able to add more Milton teams, which in turn allows for more Milton ballplayers. Please note, that while the Grasshopper division will not be adding a Brookville team, it still benefitted from an expansion.

Of course, this means travel to Brookville will be required for some divisions. We have aligned the games days and diamonds such that the younger divisions, T-Ball and Tyke, will play all their games in Milton, i.e. no travel will be required for these divisions. Brookville will travel to Milton for 100% of their games in these divisions. Since Grasshopper will not have a Brookville team, all Grasshopper games will be played in Milton. For our intermediate aged divisions of Rookie, Mosquito, and Peewee, there will be travel to Brookville. Scheduling is yet to be finalized but we expect that the maximum number of games to be played in Brookville by each Milton team will be two for the entire season.

Brookville is approximately 10-15 minutes west of Milton so we have arranged to have later start times for games played in Brookville to allow for the extra travel time for our teams. Brookville diamond details will be added to the "Ball Park Info and Locations" link.

In summary:

  • Jr. T-Ball: All games in Milton. No Brookville teams in division.
  • Sr. T-Ball: All games in Milton. One Brookville team in division.
  • Grasshopper: All games in Milton. No Brookville teams in division.
  • Tyke: All games in Milton. One Brookville team in division.
  • Rookie: One or two games per team in Brookville with the rest of the games in Milton. Two Brookville teams in division.
  • Mosquito: One or two games per team in Brookville with the rest of the games in Milton. Two Brookville teams in division.
  • Peewee: One or two games per team in Brookville with the rest of the games in Milton. One Brookville team in division.
  • Bantam: Pending discussion with Burlington Organized Minor Baseball Association. Similar set up as last year is expected.
  • Midget: Pending discussion with Burlington Organized Minor Baseball Association. Similar set up as last year is expected.

Game days and venues for divisions from Jr. T-Ball to Peewee have been confirmed and info is now posted on our home page as well as on the division information pages under the House League tab. Further information regarding Bantam and Midget should be announced next week. Please stay tuned for further details.

Yours In Baseball, 

BASEBALLMILTON Board of Directors

Registration for the Royal & Orange Classic Baseball Tournaments Now Open!

** Tournament Registration for Peewee is now full! **

BASEBALLMILTON is proud to once again host the annual R&O Classic Baseball tournaments for Minor Mosquito, Mosquito, Minor Peewee, and Peewee.  Registration is now open so be sure to register soon as the spots will fill up quickly.  Please check out the Tournaments section of our website for more information. We look forward to seeing you in May!